Traveling to Rabat

People around the world who travel to Morocco always visit Fez or Casablanca and they omit the capital city Rabat. Why do they do that? There are many reasons, maybe they feel seduced by the big city of Fez or Casablanca and they do not find Rabat really interesting. The fact is that Rabat catches anyone’s attention. Its beaches, seaside, cosmopolitan restaurants and fancy streets make this city as a beautiful destination if you are traveling to Morocco.

There are many famous places you can visit during your visit to Rabat. The appropriate Morocco Tour should include all famous and not to famous places of this city. If you like to begin the best Morocco Tour a good option could be visiting the Hassan Tower. This interesting place is not completed, it stopped when Mohammed V passed away. It is a big and brown tower and there are mini towers around it. When you are near the towers it is almost impossible not to feel excited because of the antiquity of this place. The place is nice, quiet, and clean. You can see the details of the towers and take pictures. Visiting this place is free so it is going to be a cultural visit.

If you are traveling to Rabat with children, a great option could be the Zoologies National de Rabat. This is a really great zoo recommended to the family, the animals are beautiful, and you can find here elephants, monkeys, tigers, ducks, and lions among others. I recommend you to spend many hours here in this beautiful zoo that looks like a little jungle. This is one of the best zoos in Morocco. You can rent an electric car that takes you to the better places in the zoo. So, if you want to have fun looking at the animals, you should definitely come here.

If you live visiting museums and you enjoy art, you should visit Museum Mohamed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art. This place has everything that a tourists looks: science, culture, in a great place with a beautiful architecture. This is a modern and Arabic building, big rooms with an interesting collection of Moroccan modern art. Admission is not free and some people say it is not too cheap, but if you are a big fan of art, this is a mandatory place for you. It has a beautiful art collection and visiting this place will not disappoint you.

Whenever you want to go for a break or rest, there is nothing better than going to a beautiful garden like Andalusia gardens. When you come to this place, you feel like in another world. There is a bar in which you can take tea. It is small, quiet and the admission is free. It helps you revitalize your soul, the plants and flowers make you breathe fresh air. You can hide of the sun under the plants and you can enjoy walking around this beautiful garden that will make you feel like you were in a fairytale. If you like taking pictures, this is one of the best places to do that.

If you enjoy visiting palaces, you can go to the Royal palace of Rabat. If you enjoy looking at big buildings and their architecture, visiting the Cathedral Saint-Pierre will be good for you. There are many places that can complete your Morocco Tour, you just need to find the appropriate places for you.

A perfect trip to Rabat includes visiting historical places, in order to learn more about history, visiting and relaxing in the beautiful gardens, and enjoy of the little things that this underrated city has to offer.